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Gran Turismo Filming Locations: Where is the Drama Movie Filmed

Over the Weekend: Gran Turismo Movie Debuts!

Last weekend, Sony Pictures released a new movie called “Gran Turismo.” It’s part of a growing trend where video games are turned into movies. This movie is all about the inspiring story of Jann Mardenborough. He went from playing video games to becoming a professional race car driver for Nissan Motorsports.

An Exciting Movie

The Gran Turismo movie is directed by Neill Blomkamp and promises to be a thrilling film. It has beautiful locations and a great cast, including David Harbour, Orlando Bloom, and Archie Madekwe. Some people have enjoyed watching other racing movies like “Senna” and “Ford vs. Ferrari,” and they are excited to see this one coming out this summer.

Where It Was Filmed

The movie was filmed in some interesting places. Budapest, Hungary, played a big role in the production. They also filmed in Australia, particularly at the Bathurst racing track. Hungary’s Hungaroring and Austria’s Red Bull Ring were also used as locations.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is known for being a popular spot for movie filming. It’s a vibrant city with many different settings that filmmakers love. Movies like “Red Sparrow,” “Atomic Blonde,” “Spy,” and “The November Man” have been shot here. The director chose Budapest because he was impressed with Gran Turismo’s realism and its global appeal. It was a challenge to make Budapest look like places from the real world, such as Nissan’s Tokyo headquarters.

Bathurst, Australia

Bathurst in Australia is famous for its exciting Mount Panorama racing track. This track has tough turns and beautiful mountain views, attracting motorsport enthusiasts. Jann Mardenborough, the real-life racer who inspired the movie, also raced here. He started racing in real life after winning the video game tournament. Some scenes in the movie might have been filmed here because the buildings in the background look like those in Bathurst.

Hungaroring, Hungary

Hungaroring was one of the first places used in filming Gran Turismo. It’s a famous racetrack in Hungary where the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix takes place. Although Jann Mardenborough did race here, it’s unclear if that race will be in the movie. Filmmakers revealed that this scene actually represents the Le Mans event, which is originally in France. The director used creative tricks to make one place look like another, just like how Budapest stood in for Tokyo and Hungaroring for Circuit de la Sarthe.

Red Bull Ring, Austria

Lastly, there’s the famous Red Bull Ring in Austria. Originally called the Austriaring and later the A1-Ring, it got its name from Red Bull in 2011. In the movie’s trailer, there’s a memorable scene where Jann runs around the famous Red Bull sculpture. Fans quickly recognized this legendary racetrack as the Red Bull Ring.

So, “Gran Turismo” is not just about racing and games, but also about the exciting places where it was filmed. It’s a movie that’s sure to rev up your excitement!

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