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Goblins Night – Exciting Developments in Chapter 14

In Chapter 14 of “Goblins Night,” Yushin and Siwoo had a big fight to see how much they’ve improved since their last battle. They wanted to test their skills and potential.

Readers are really eager to discover Siwoo’s new secret weapon in this chapter. Yushin, on the other hand, regretted sending Siwoo away and felt annoyed about that decision.

Yushin couldn’t even sleep because he was worried that Siwoo might not be able to come back, and he blamed himself for it. So, Yushin decided to take some actions before it was too late. While Yushin was on his way to school, Siwoo surprised him by showing up.

Yushin was shocked, but Siwoo explained that he couldn’t reach Yushin on the phone, so he figured Yushin would be on his way to school and came to find him there.

Release Date for Chapter 14:

Chapter 14 of “Goblins Night” is set to be released on Thursday, September 14, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST.

Credits: Naver Series

Chapter 13 Recap: A Revelation

In Chapter 13, Yushin realized that a lot had changed after he told Siwoo about his situation. The two of them went to a café to talk, but after hearing Choi Siwoo’s words, Yushin couldn’t contain his emotions and raised his voice.

Choi Siwoo reminded Yushin to keep it down since they were in a public place and people were watching. Siwoo apologized and explained that his situation was actually quite good because he could stay in their world instead of going to the monster world. This way, Yushin and his mother wouldn’t have to worry about him.

Yushin was frustrated because he was sure that Siwoo didn’t understand the kind of monster he was. Siwoo’s monster name was unique and sent shivers down Yushin’s spine. He didn’t know what kind of monster it represented, as he had never heard it before.

Yushin explained that the name was not just a single word; each letter represented a monster’s status. He went on to tell Siwoo about the history of the monsters and their classes. However, Yushin admitted that he still didn’t know much because he had only recently discovered that he was a monster himself.

He warned Siwoo about the “ki class” monsters, which were ten times more dangerous than the “Goe” class because they had no restrictions. These monsters had the power to turn a whole city into chaos with their abilities.

Yushin cautioned Siwoo not to cross paths with monsters like Shin and Ryung, but he believed they wouldn’t because those powerful beings never broke the law. He advised Siwoo not to interfere with the hunt and suggested he either sneak away on his own or, if that failed, come to Yushin’s house and hide.

Yushin thought that these monsters must have come prepared to fight either monsters or shamans in their area.

Release Date for Chapter 14:

Chapter 14 of “Goblins Night” will be available on Thursday, September 14, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST. Don’t miss it!

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