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Ginko’s Adventures in a New World: Isekai Samurai Chapter 11 Release Date

Ginko Tsukitusuba, a young girl from a noble samurai family, always dreamt of being a fierce warrior despite her gender. She even defeated her own master in a duel. But one day, she found herself alone and defeated on the battlefield, leading to overwhelming sadness. In her darkest moment, she prayed for salvation, and her life took a magical turn.

Chapter 1: Arrival in a New World

  • Ginko arrives in a strange fantasy world filled with swords and magic.
  • She encounters monstrous pig-like creatures attacking a town and rushes to protect it.
  • Ginko’s incredible skills in battle bring her happiness as she defeats these formidable foes.
  • The townsfolk hail her as a hero, amazed by her extraordinary abilities.
  • Ginko spots a real-life dragon, a creature she had only heard of in fairy tales, and gets excited to challenge it to a duel.

Chapter 2: About ‘Isekai Samurai’ Comic

  • “Isekai Samurai” is a Japanese comic created by SAITOU Keigo, featuring action, comedy, fantasy, and Seinen genres.
  • It was first released in 2023 and published by Kadokawa, appearing in the Comic Walker magazine.
  • Unfortunately, it has not been officially translated into English.

Chapter 3: Recap of Isekai Samurai Chapter 10

  • In the previous chapter, Ginko hears a girl’s cry for help in the forest.
  • She discovers a talking tree and a human girl engaged in a battle.
  • The human girl appears to be losing, and the talking tree exudes evil intentions.
  • Ginko decides to confront the tree demon and rescue the human.

Chapter 4: Isekai Samurai Chapter 11 Release Date

  • Ginko easily defeats the tree demon and befriends the human girl, Miko, a herbalist.
  • Miko invites Ginko to her home to express gratitude, and Ginko agrees.
  • Exciting news for fans: Isekai Samurai Chapter 11 is set to be released on October 12, 2023, a Thursday.

Join Ginko on her thrilling journey as she battles fantastical creatures and explores this new, magical world in “Isekai Samurai.” Don’t miss Chapter 11 coming soon!

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