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Get Ready for the Wedding of the Year in Thank You for Your Betrayal Chapter 24!

Exciting news for fans of “Thank You for Your Betrayal”! Chapter 24 is just around the corner, and it promises to bring something truly special—a wedding! Get ready to see Irina Lakers walk down the aisle to marry Duke Ian Lancaster, a moment fans have been eagerly waiting for.

Chapter 24 Highlights:

In Chapter 24, the beloved characters Irina Lakers and Duke Ian Lancaster are finally tying the knot. Duke Ian Lancaster has been incredibly eager to marry Irina, so much so that he couldn’t even sleep on the night before their wedding day.

As fans, we’ve been waiting for this heartwarming moment, and it’s a joy to know that it’s finally happening. The upcoming chapter promises beautiful artwork that will surely elevate your excitement.

Recap of Chapter 23:

Chapter 23 of “Thank You for Your Betrayal” opens with Irina Lakers getting ready for her wedding. It’s a day filled with anticipation and excitement, with everyone putting in their best efforts to make it a special day for her.

Irina has been at Lancaster Manor for two weeks, and during this time, many significant events have unfolded. She and Ian signed a contractual marriage agreement and even received the Emperor’s blessing.

As Irina walks through the wedding venue in her bridal attire, she reflects on the journey that led her here. The moment she has been waiting for has finally arrived, and she declares, “I’m finally on the starting line.”

However, just as the ceremony is about to begin, there’s a surprising interruption. Someone stops the wedding, invoking the Emperor’s authority. This unexpected twist leaves everyone, including the bride and groom, in suspense.

Credits: Naver

Chapter 24 Expectations:

Chapter 24 will likely delve into the dramatic interruption of the wedding ceremony by the Emperor. The reasons behind this interruption remain unknown, and it will be interesting to see how the characters react to this unexpected turn of events.

Additionally, readers may learn more about Irina’s past life, particularly her previous wedding with Henry. This could shed light on her history and add depth to her character.

Save the Date: Chapter 24 Release

Mark your calendars for the release of “Thank You for Your Betrayal” Chapter 24. It’s scheduled to be released on Monday, October 2, 2023, KST. Don’t miss this exciting chapter that promises wedding drama and more surprises!

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