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Get Ready for the Thrills in Manager Kim Chapter 103!

Exciting news for fans of Manager Kim! The release date for Manager Kim Chapter 103 is just around the corner. After learning that a battle has already started between Jin Xo, the No. 2 of the Nine Masters, and Sung Hansoo, who now only has 9% of his personality remaining, fans are eager to discover what unfolds next in the story.

In addition to revealing the release date for the upcoming chapter, we’ll also take a closer look at what happened in the previous chapter. This way, we can all have a better understanding of the ongoing storyline and what to expect in future releases.

Chapter 102 Recap:

In the last chapter, we saw Jin Xo confront Sung Hansoo, commenting on his strange appearance and questioning if he’s truly human. This infuriates Hansoo, leading to a direct punch to Jin Xo’s face. Jin Xo acknowledges that his concerns as the owner of Tian Wai Tian were valid, as there was no way the bodyguard would be so weak.

Jin Xo probes Hansoo further, asking if he’s the bodyguard of Tian Wai Tian and inquiring about his earnings, leaving Hansoo speechless. When Hansoo attempts to use Taekwondo to defeat Jin Xo and launches an attack, Jin Xo acknowledges it as good martial practice. However, he asserts that Taekwondo alone won’t help Hansoo prevail against the Suppressive Burst Fist technique. Jin Xo proceeds to strike Hansoo and throw him to the ground.

Credits: Naver

Chapter 103 Expectations:

As we anticipate Chapter 103, we’ll likely see the intense battle between Jin Xo and Sung Hansoo continue to unfold. Jin Xo, also known as the God of Destruction, wields the martial arts of the Jin family, which were originally not meant for killing. However, Jin Xo adapted them into his own martial arts, specifically the Suppressive Burst Fists, capable of destroying anything and everything. This technique counters Sung Hansoo’s 9% personality.

Despite the brutal battle, Hansoo remains determined, planning to combine Kyokushin Karate with the Strongest Spear technique to challenge Jin Xo’s formidable defense.

Chapter 103 Release Date:

The much-anticipated Manager Kim Chapter 103 is set to be released on September 14, 2023. Get ready for more action and excitement in the upcoming installment!

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