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Fun Territory Defense By The Optimistic Lord Chapter 23 Manga: Van’s Heroic Deed

Fans Can’t Wait for Chapter 23
People who love this manga are eagerly waiting for the next chapter to come out. It’s going to reveal something cool about Van-sama.

Van-sama Faces a Dragon
Van-sama is a brave kid who isn’t afraid of a scary dragon, even though it can kill anyone in an instant. Grown-ups are terrified of the dragon, but not Van-sama.

The Dragon Attacks
In Chapter 21, a dragon attacks their kingdom and causes a lot of damage. But Van-sama, his friends, and some village soldiers take on the dragon all by themselves and manage to beat it after a really tough fight.

Van-sama’s Big Accomplishment
Van-sama is only eight years old, but he’s really proud of himself for helping defeat the dragon. He’s a hero!

Spoilers for Chapter 23
In Chapter 22, Van-sama and his friends work together with soldiers to capture the dragon. But Van-sama’s brother is worried about him.

The Celebration
Chapter 23 will show how they celebrate after defeating the dragon. Van-sama will be honored for being so brave.

Credits: Comic Gardo

Reward for the Heroes
Those who fought the dragon will get rewarded. The current head of the Kaien Noble Family, Panamera Karla Kaien, will present the awards. She played a big part in the battle.

The Dragon Was Tough
Panamera explains that it took more than just soldiers to beat the dragon. They needed knights, wizards, and soldiers to work together. If they didn’t, the dragon could have destroyed villages.

Heroes Who Made a Difference
Panamera mentions Feltio, Espada, and Nei Feltio, who all played important roles in the battle. Nei Feltio is only eight years old, like Van-sama, but he’s really smart and helpful.

Van-sama’s Surprise
Panamera is impressed by Van-sama’s sword-making skills. She can’t believe he made such sharp swords. But Van-sama says they’re just regular swords.

Materials for Swords
They had a lot of materials for making swords, thanks to the Panamera Family and their soldiers. They also managed to bring back the defeated dragon.

Chapter 23 Release Date
Chapter 23 of “Fun Territory Defense By The Optimistic Lord” is coming out on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, at 10:00 PM JST. Get ready to read it!

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