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From Dreams To Freedom Chapter 112:

Bullying and Violence in a Manga
In a manga called “From Dreams to Freedom,” there is a lot of bullying and violence. The main character, Choi Jung Min, is the one who gets bullied. The bully is Ha-Joo Hyun. Another important part of the story is lucid dreaming.

When Bullying Leads to Dreams

When someone can’t get revenge and can’t stop being afraid, they start to imagine things or have dreams. Choi Jung Min and Ha Joo Hyun used to be best friends, but Ha Joo Hyun started to bully Choi Jung Min because she wanted to be popular with other kids. In the beginning, Ha Joo Hyun was nice, as Choi Jung Min remembers. But things changed one day. Since Choi Jung Min couldn’t stop the bullying, the only escape she had was through lucid dreaming.

Recap of Chapter 109

In the last chapter (Chapter 109) of “From Dreams to Freedom,” we saw that Si Yun and Choi Jung Min both had strong feelings. Si Yun was sick, but Choi Jung Min didn’t want to leave his side. Si Yun worried that he might make her sick too, but she didn’t care.

Out of the blue, Si Yun asked Choi Jung Min why she liked him. He asked this because someone had told him that, apart from his appearance, he had nothing special.

 (Credits: Line Webtoons)

Love and Change

Choi Jung Min told Si Yun that there wasn’t a specific reason for liking him. She used to enjoy being alone, and she was happiest when she was by herself, looking at her phone. This was because she had a tough childhood. But after meeting Si Yun, she started to prefer being with him. She felt the happiest and most comfortable when she was with Si Yun. Her relationships with others also improved.

A Bittersweet Change
One thing that made Choi Jung Min feel bittersweet was that Ha Joo Hyun started treating her better now. Their relationship had changed a lot, and Choi Jung Min felt like a different person. She had become calmer.

Lucid Dreaming Connection
Both Choi Jung Min and Si Yun had something in common: they could control their dreams (Lucid dreamers). Si Yun always loved Choi Jung Min for who she was. Even in his dreams, he waited for her. As Choi Jung Min’s life improved, she had fewer dreams, which made Si Yun sad.

Chapter 110 Release Date
Chapter 110 of “From Dreams to Freedom” will be released on October 19, 2023.

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