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From Dreams to Freedom: Chapter 111

In just a few days, the new Chapter 111 of “From Dreams to Freedom” will be here. Siyun’s story with his manager is getting more intense, leaving fans curious about what’s next. Let’s dive into what’s happening:

Siyun and His Manager’s Troubled Relationship

Siyun’s manager is banking on Siyun’s looks and is ready to do whatever it takes to benefit from it, even if it means deceiving him. Siyun is hurt by the manager’s actions, but he only cares about one thing – Jungmin’s support. She’s the one bright spot in his life, and he’s doing his best to make her happy.

But trouble always seems to find Siyun, and he can’t resist getting into fights. In the latest issue, his phone got broken during a scuffle with an old bully. Despite this, Siyun chooses to keep the damaged phone because it’s filled with Jungmin’s photos.

 (CC: Naver)

The Upcoming Chapter and Speculation

Chapter 111 will likely focus on Siyun’s health. Jungmin will take care of him as she ponders the manager’s actions. While being sick isn’t great, it’s better than Siyun getting into fights and more trouble.

Siyun might finally open up to Jungmin about the situation, and together, they’ll figure out how to stand up to Siyun’s manager. This could be the turning point Siyun needs to reconcile with his parents and become the son he’s always wanted to be.

Release Date

You can expect “From Dreams to Freedom” Chapter 111 to come out on Thursday, October 12th, 2023. Unfortunately, there are no spoilers available yet, but stay tuned for the latest updates on this exciting manhwa series.

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