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Frieren at the Funeral Chapter 113 Announcement – The Search for Clues Continues

In this chapter, we’re going to learn about the upcoming release of Frieren at the Funeral Chapter 113. Himmel and the group are on a quest to find information about a goddess monument, but they’ve hit a dead end in their search.

No Clues in the Village

The group realizes that the village doesn’t have any information about the goddess monument they’re looking for. They’ve been searching for leads but haven’t found anything useful. Frieren apologizes, but Himmel reassures her that they still had some fun during their search.

Difficult Search for a Mythical Relic

Heiter explains that the goddess’s monument they’re searching for is from a mythical era, making it incredibly challenging to find clues. If the information were easy to find, everyone would know about it.

The Challenge of Preserving Knowledge

Frieren shares her experience of losing important books because paper doesn’t last long if not cared for properly. Eisen is surprised by this, as elves don’t often deal with book decay.

Credits: Sunday Webry

Monastery Might Hold Clues

Heiter suggests that they explore a nearby monastery, as priests there are responsible for copying old books to pass down literature and myths. Monasteries are usually isolated, unlike churches.

The Journey to the Monastery

The group decides to head back to inquire at the church, where they learn about a monastery on a cliff. Heiter believes that the goddess will guide them even if the route is challenging.

Challenging Climb

Since flying isn’t an option for Frieren, they embark on a difficult climb to reach the monastery. Despite the hardships, Eisen and Himmel enjoy the adventure.

A Surprising Connection

Frieren learns that Heiter and Himmel have known each other for a long time and grew up in the same village. They share some childhood memories.

Release Date for Chapter 113

Frieren at the Funeral Chapter 113 is expected to be released on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, at 8:00 PM JST.

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