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Forbidden Odd Melody Chapter 5: A Special Story

In the next chapter of Forbidden Odd Melody, we’re in for a big surprise! So Hwa is about to discover something amazing about her friend, Do Hwi. But before we dive into that, let’s start at the beginning of this unique tale.

The Start of Forbidden Odd Melody

Long ago, in a place called Mt. Lee Hwang, there were majestic tigers that ruled over the mountains. This mountain wasn’t huge, so no humans lived there, and there were no tigers to rule it.

In this mountain, a special creature named So Hwa was born. She was part-human and part-beast, and she had eleven siblings. But So Hwa was different. She was smaller and had fur that didn’t quite match her family’s. Why, you ask?

(Credits: Namu Wiki)

One day, her family left Mt. Lee Hwang and didn’t even glance back at her. So Hwa had no choice but to stay in the mountain all alone. That’s when she stumbled upon a baby tiger.

The Surprise

Guess what? This baby tiger also grew up to be part-human and part-beast, just like So Hwa. And this tiger, Do Hwi, is the main character of our story. And you know what? This is where our fantasy adventure begins, filled with romance, love, and maybe even a little obsession.

Previously in Chapter 4

In the previous chapter, we saw that Do Hwi, the baby tiger, is determined to grow up and take care of So Hwa all by himself. He won’t let anyone harm her.

The royal members found out who Do Hwi really is, Lord Deok Ho, and were happy to see him safe. But instead of going back to them, Lord Deok Ho wants to stay with So Hwa for a while longer. He just asks them to bring him food every day, since So Hwa thinks he’s just a wild cat.

(Credits: Namu Wiki)

Meanwhile, So Hwa was worried sick, thinking she had lost Do Hwi. She blamed herself for not looking after him properly. But when Do Hwi returns, So Hwa can’t help but cry tears of joy. Do Hwi is a bit puzzled.

That’s when Do Hwi realizes that So Hwa is fragile and needs care. She got sick from searching for him on the whole mountain. Now, Do Hwi is concerned about her.

Chapter 5 Release Date

Exciting news! Forbidden Odd Melody Chapter 5 is set to be released on September 18, 2023. Mark your calendars!

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