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For Stella Chapter 91: What You Need to Know

In this chapter of “For Stella,” we’ll get into the exciting details. But first, let’s understand what this story is all about.

The Story So Far

The story revolves around a girl named Dana Borchen. When she was fifteen, she found herself transported into a novel she loved as a child. In this novel world, she became one of the minor characters, Dana. Her plan was to follow the original story’s plot and let the main characters, Arcane and Stella, fall in love while she quietly steps aside.

But things took a dark turn when Edgar, who loved Stella, couldn’t accept their relationship. He slandered Arcane, pushing him to the edge. Instead of Arcane, Dana Borchen ended up getting stabbed and met her demise.

However, Arcane survived and sought revenge on Edgar, ultimately finding happiness with Stella. That was how the story was supposed to go, but now something is different. Arcane knows about the future and is determined to prevent Dana Borchen’s death. Could Dana Borchen become the main character now?

Chapter 90 Recap

In the previous chapter, Delgard was trapped under rubble for a long time and couldn’t keep track of time. But his thoughts were with Dana Borchen, who was helping with a rescue mission on the outskirts of Rohanes.

Meanwhile, Dana Borchen was facing an assassination attempt. She didn’t hold back and cursed at the Crown Prince, which angered her kidnapper. Just as she was about to be shot, Delgard arrived to rescue her. He knew she was buried beneath a burning castle.

Delgard managed to save Dana Borchen, but he fainted from exhaustion and didn’t wake up for nearly a week. This deeply worried Dana Borchen, causing her to have recurring nightmares.

Chapter 91 Release Date

Exciting news! “For Stella” Chapter 91 will be released on September 10, 2023, at midnight Korean Standard Time. So, mark your calendars for the next installment of this intriguing story!

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