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First Love, Lasting Hate Chapter 20

In the latest chapter, Seungmin tries to patch things up with Eunha by giving her a Scrunchie as a gift. Unfortunately, Eunha rejects the present, thinking he only cares about her old self. Seungmin has been acting strangely towards Eunha, recalling only the good memories they shared in the past, like buying coffee, having Tteokbokki, or watching a scary movie together. Let’s see how Seungmin deals with his feelings.

Eunha’s Confusion:
Eunha wonders why Seungmin has been treating her this way. From coffee dates to shared meals and movies, it seems Seungmin is stuck in their past memories. Eunha questions Seungmin’s motives and contemplates how he will handle his emotions.

 (Credits: Naver)

Chapter 20 Preview:
In the upcoming chapter, Eunha meets a guy in a cafe who recognizes her, but she can’t recall him. They go through various scenarios from their past, but none match. Eventually, they conclude it’s a case of mistaken identity. Later, during gym class, Eunha’s hair ribbon breaks, and Seungmin approaches her with a drink. He intends to give her a gift, but something stops him.

Release Date:
First Love, Lasting Hate Chapter 20 is set to be released on Saturday, November 18, 2023. If you’re curious about the next manga chapter, we’ll also cover the release dates with spoilers and a recap in this article.

Note: There are no spoilers available for Chapter 20 at the moment, but we can still discuss what might happen in the next chapter based on the storyline.

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