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Finding Camellia Chapter 89: New Troubles for Camelia

In the next chapter of “Finding Camellia,” we’ll see more challenges for Camelia and the troubles she faces.

Camelia’s Unending Struggles

Camelia’s life is never easy, but she occasionally finds moments of relief that keep her going. The last chapter was a mix of both good and bad moments for her.

Recap: A Shocking Revelation

In the previous chapter, Camelia discovered that her mother is still alive but part of a resistance group that opposes the royal government and the upper class. Her stepmother is also plotting to make Camelia suffer through this ordeal.

A New Threat

To make Camelia’s life even more difficult, her stepmother has hired people to harm her. However, Claude, a character in the story, was able to dispel her worries and provide comfort when she needed it most. Claude’s support was a ray of hope for Camelia.

Credits: Ridi Books

Chapter 88: A Helping Hand

Chapter 88 continued where the previous one left off, with Claude appearing as a savior for Camelia. He helped her overcome her mental struggles and provided comfort during a challenging time.

Facing More Challenges

In Chapter 89, we will witness Pipi’s arrest for an unspecified crime before Camelia’s return. It’s possible that Camelia’s stepmother is behind this arrest.

The Ongoing Struggle

Camelia will face a tough decision in the upcoming chapter: whether or not to support her mother in the face of her stepmother’s oppression. Her stepmother has been relentless in tormenting Camelia, and Claude is determined to help her overcome these challenges.

Release Date

“Finding Camellia,” Chapter 89, is set to be released on September 15, 2023.

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