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Fff Class Trashero Chapter 169 Sneak Peek

In Chapter 169 of “Fff-Class Trashero,” we’ll see what happens after everyone discovers that Kang Hansoo is the demon king. All the warriors are gearing up to attack him in the hopes of receiving rewards.

Readers are eagerly awaiting to see how Hansoo will protect himself from these warriors in Chapter 169. Chaldduk, who had returned to the festival, felt like she was finally back home. She informed Kang Hansoo that her administration privileges were still intact.

Hansoo calculated that the rewards from the festival’s first and second days were merely an entrance to hell. They couldn’t go home; instead, they were obligated to serve a fantasy god as part of the deal.

However, the rewards for the third and fifth positions caught his attention, even though Hansoo wasn’t initially interested in secondary compensation. The express would take them to his hometown, so he decided to aim for the fourth position to play it safe.

To avoid becoming a slave with a different score, Hansoo decided to change the rankings. He asked Chaldduk to find three graduates with high scores. Chaldduk agreed to his request and began searching for the graduates rather than relying on the uncertain combat power of the middle school president.

Release Date for Chapter 169:

If you’re wondering when Chapter 169 of “Fff-Class Trashero” will be available, we’ve got you covered!

Chapter 169 of “Fff-Class Trashero” is expected to be released on Monday, September 11, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST.

Credits: Kakao Page

Chapter 168 Recap: Conflicts and Kang Hansoo’s Help

In Chapter 168, the pink-haired warrior noticed Victoria and assumed she was trying to gain popularity by distributing equipment. The blue-haired warrior accused Victoria of stealing her boyfriend in a similar manner. Victoria clarified that she was an entrepreneur and never gave equipment to anyone; people came to her and bought it themselves.

Victoria wasn’t sure who the blue-haired warrior’s boyfriend was, as many guys approached her, and she didn’t keep track of them all. The blue-haired warrior vowed to take revenge on Victoria. However, Kang Hansoo intervened just in time to save her.

Victoria asked Hansoo for help because the two warriors were planning to harm her for no reason. Hansoo acted as if he didn’t want to assist her, but in reality, he was there to manipulate the rankings. Victoria caught Hansoo’s attention by mentioning valuable information.

She assured Hansoo that she knew how to get back home, but he interrupted her, stating he already had that information. Victoria then revealed that she had met Hansoo’s parents before the valkyries attacked. She helped guide them to a safe place.

The blue-haired and pink-haired warriors became annoyed, thinking that Hansoo and Victoria were getting close. Hansoo thanked Victoria for helping his parents, surprising her with his gratitude.

Release Date for Chapter 169:

Chapter 169 of “Fff-Class Trashero” is set to be released on Monday, September 11, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST. Don’t miss it!

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