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Family Relationships After Divorce in the Brown Family

The Brown Family’s Relationships After Divorce

In the Brown family, things have gotten a bit complicated after the divorce. Kody Brown used to dream of living with all his wives under one roof, but that’s not happening right now. Despite all the changes, there’s still a strong emotional connection between Christine, the other wives, and their kids.

About Sister Wives

“Sister Wives” is a TV show that follows the lives of couples in polygamous or plural marriages. Kody Brown was married to Christine, Janelle, and Meri before he legally divorced his other wives and married Robyn, making her his fourth wife.

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Drifting Apart

At first, the Brown family enjoyed living together, but over time, they grew apart. Christine, Janelle, and now even Meri are considering divorcing, which means breaking their spiritual unions.

Kids Staying Close

Even with the messy relationships among the adults, their kids still like each other and spend time together. The 18th season of “Sister Wives” has updates on Christine’s family and Janelle’s efforts to improve her life by moving into her own apartment.

Family Updates

Mykelti has some exciting news – she’s pregnant with twins! Ysabel, one of the family members, is the last to find out. Mykelti decided to give birth at the hospital, and she shares her experience with Christine and the others. Mykelti was a source of connection between Robyn’s family and Christine’s family.

Troubled Anniversary

On their anniversary, Meri tells the audience that Kody didn’t remember their special day and didn’t want to spend time with her. This is a sign of the strained relationship between them.

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Trust Issues

Kody reveals that he has trust issues with his kids after divorcing their mothers. Ysabel is confused about how the family will work after the divorces. Kody’s dream of living with his family under one roof seems more distant than ever.

Commitment Ceremony

The Brown family holds a commitment ceremony where they come up with mission statements and share them publicly. Kody wants to improve his relationships with his family, but it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Janelle’s Birthday

Janelle’s kids create a beautiful garden for her as her birthday approaches. Janelle shares her feelings about Kody, who she believes doesn’t think about her much, given his responsibilities with the rest of the family, especially Robyn.

Growing Up

Janelle’s adult kids don’t need a father figure anymore and prefer not dealing with Kody. Janelle and Robyn don’t seem to connect as friends.

Learning to Ride

Truly learns how to ride a bike with the help of her siblings, Ysabel and her brother, after a bad first experience. They help her let go of her fear and enjoy the ride.

Upcoming Fun

Christine is preparing for a 1950s-themed party to celebrate her 50th birthday. Kody finally visits Janelle’s apartment, and Meri is struggling with her strained relationship with Kody and the challenges at her bed and breakfast.

Release Date

The new episode of “Sister Wives,” Season 18 Episode 12, will be released on November 5, 2023.

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