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Explore the World of “See You, My King” Chapter 54: 

“See You, My King” is a famous Chinese manga that people love. It started in 2022 and new chapters keep coming out. This manga mixes different kinds of stories like Fantasy, Drama, Historical, and Romance. Plus, it’s a hit with Yaoi fans too! But even if you’re not into those genres, you might still enjoy it.

Meet Our Hero, Zhang Li

 (Credits: Kuaikan Manhua)

The story follows Zhang Li, who’s a medical student. One day, he gets the chance to visit Egypt because he finds an ancient Egyptian kingdom named Ebis interesting.

This kingdom is super old, around 5,000 years! It used to be by a river called Ninono, and it lasted for 1,500 years before it disappeared.

Recently, quicksand uncovered some old ruins of the kingdom. Archaeologists think it might be the remains of Ebis-Bengal city. They’re also trying to find the last ruler of this place to learn more about its history.

Zhang Li’s Adventure

Zhang Li goes exploring by himself and gets lost from his group. While looking for an internet connection, he runs into some tomb raiders. He tries to report them but ends up trapped in a tomb.

He does his best to escape, even hurting himself while hitting the walls. But when his blood touches some strange writings on the walls, the tomb opens on its own. Outside, he finds a statue that somehow feels familiar.

As he leaves, the stone crumbles, and something magical happens!

 (Credits: Kuaikan Manhua)

Chapter 53: A Surprising Twist

In Chapter 53, the boss makes fun of Yanzi for working so hard to keep his position. Yanzi remarks on how the ruler, who used to be so image-conscious, is now working like a mule.

They’re shown helping the poor by giving them food. The boss is really happy helping those in need. Later, Xiao Wei gets a letter from Lady Evette that shocks him.

The letter says she’s worried about Xiao Wei leaving Mengjia. She’s been missing him for months and mentions that Mengjia City has faced some problems but is slowly recovering.

Evette offers help if needed and asks about Yanzu and the boss. Xiao Wei starts writing back, telling her about their well-being and how Yanzi is proving to be a valuable member of their group.

He assures Evette that he’ll protect them if danger comes their way. He also hints that the boss might have found a special someone after a long time.

As the chapter ends, Yanzi and the boss share a romantic moment under the starry sky, but things take an unexpected turn.

Chapter 54: What’s Next?

In Chapter 54, it looks like the boss and Yanzi have feelings for each other, but the boss is keeping it hidden. He’s had trust issues in the past because people used him. However, it’s clear he cares about Yanzi.

In the next chapter, we might see more of their relationship. They were getting close to each other, but something might make the boss shy away. Their story is far from over, and there are more adventures ahead!

Release Date

Chapter 54 of “See You, My King” is expected to be out on October 2, 2023.

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