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Home » Exciting News: Back-to-School Boss Chapter 23 Preview!

Exciting News: Back-to-School Boss Chapter 23 Preview!

Meet Eun Haim: A New High School Teacher

Eun Haim is a regular woman from Korea who had a dream of becoming a teacher. She worked really hard and finally got a job as a high school teacher. Eun Haim was excited to start teaching her first class in high school.

Trouble in Class 12-2

But there’s a twist! Eun Haim’s first class is full of students who either took a break from school or couldn’t graduate. One of them is Joo Sihyeon, a 33-year-old man who is also a CEO of a successful company. That’s a bit unusual for a high school class!

A Surprising Connection

Here’s where things get even more interesting. Eun Haim soon realizes that Joo Sihyeon is the man she had a one-night stand with while she was in Canada. Now, she has to teach him as her student!

Struggles and Surprises

While Eun Haim tries to keep her distance from Joo Sihyeon, he faces challenges balancing his studies and work. As time goes on, their lives start getting closer and more complicated.

About Back-to-School Boss

“Back-to-School Boss” is a Korean web comic (manhwa) that falls into genres like Drama, Josei, Romance, and School Life. It was first released in 2022 and is published by Jaedam Media, RS Media, and KakaoPage. You can also find it in the Kakao Webtoon magazine, and it’s available in English through Tapas Webtoons.

What Happened in Chapter 22?

In the previous chapter, Joo Sihyeon paid off Eun Haim’s debt and made her an unusual offer: he suggested they get married, and if she agreed, she could live in his house. Eun Haim was surprised and needed more time to think, but Joo Sihyeon was confident she’d say yes and kissed her.

Eun Haim’s cousin also moved into their luxurious apartment owned by Joo Sihyeon.

What’s Coming in Chapter 23?

Eun Haim’s cousin is wary of Joo Sihyeon, thinking he might be involved in illegal activities to make his money. He advises Eun Haim to stay away from Joo Sihyeon, even though they’re living together.

We’re introduced to a new character who’s also a CEO of a powerful company, similar to Joo Sihyeon. In the upcoming chapters, we can expect to see some business dealings between these CEOs.

When Can You Read Chapter 23?

Mark your calendars! Back-to-School Boss Chapter 23 is expected to be released on September 15, 2023, which is a Friday. Get ready for more exciting twists and turns in this unique high school story!

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