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Exciting Developments in Baek XX Chapter 39!

In the latest chapter of Baek XX, Oyama makes some surprising discoveries that have fans eagerly awaiting the next release.

Oyama’s Surprising Discoveries

In the last chapter, Oyama learns two important things. First, Baek has a twin brother who recently passed away, and they’ve already met him. Second, the group that maintained balance in Seol is no longer active, causing some chaos in the city.

Fans Are Excited for Chapter 40

These revelations have left fans on the edge of their seats, eager to find out what happens next. That’s why everyone is so excited about the release date for Baek XX Chapter 40.

Chapter 39 Recap

In Chapter 39, Oyama Gumi confronts the Chairman’s gang, and there’s a tense moment where a finger is cut. The Chairman reminds his gang not to lose their cool, as Oyama is their guest.

Oyama’s Farewell

As Oyama leaves, he admits he may have misjudged the Chairman and expresses excitement about meeting again.

Oyama’s Call to Gunji San

Later in the chapter, Oyama calls Gunji San for an update on their mission. Gunji San reports success and shares that they’ve learned about recent events in Korea, which were more interesting than expected.

Credits: Naver

The Twin Brother Revelation

Gunji San reveals that Baek Dokyeong had a twin brother who recently passed away, and his funeral has been held. Oyama realizes that this explains a lot and mentions they’ve already met his twin, who was pretending to be Baek Dokyeong.

The Disbanded Assembly

Additionally, the group responsible for maintaining balance in Seol has disbanded, leading to a potentially volatile situation in the city, similar to the Warring Kingdoms Era.

Taesan’s Expansion

Despite these challenges, Taesan has managed to expand its territory in recent months.

Chapter 40 Release Date

Excitingly, Baek XX Chapter 40 is set to be released on September 14, 2023, and fans can’t wait to see what unfolds next in this gripping manhwa series.

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