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Excitement for Wishing For Luck Chapter 6

People are really excited about the next part of a new romance comedy story called “Wishing For Luck.” They can’t wait to see what happens next, and that’s why they’re eager to know when Chapter 6 will be released.

What’s the Story About?

The main character in this story is very unlucky. Bad things have been happening to her since she was born, big and small. Because of her bad luck, she didn’t have any friends while growing up. She’s surprised she hasn’t died from all the bad luck!

A Strange Encounter

In the last chapter, she had a small accident in a supermarket and an old lady asked her for directions to a dump. The old lady acted like she recognized her, checked her phone, and then told her that her bad luck is because her ancestors are upset. But she reassured her that someone good will come into her life and fix things.

Credits: Naver

Unexpected Money Problems

Later, she got a message about an undelivered package, and when she clicked the link, all her money disappeared from her bank account. She lost her part-time job and had to figure out how to pay her rent.

A Terrifying Incident

When she fell asleep, she smelled smoke and woke up to find her apartment on fire. Her phone was dead, and she couldn’t call for help. But suddenly, a young guy appeared as it started raining heavily.

When Will Chapter 6 Be Released?

The next chapter, Chapter 6 of “Wishing For Luck,” will be available for readers on September 15, 2023.

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