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Excited About the Next Chapter of “Zense Wa Ken Mikado Konjou Kuzu Ouji”?

Fay’s Tough Life
Fay had a tough life. He grew up in a world where you had to be strong to survive. He became a great warrior called the Sword Emperor. But sadly, everyone who followed him died, including his teacher. When he was all alone, he chose to end his own life.

But something strange happened. Fay was reborn in a new world as a prince. He decided to live a carefree life as a “trash prince” and never pick up a sword again. He had a loving family and servants, but in a world where power was everything, he had to take up the sword once more, this time to protect.

A Change of Heart
During a war, Fay was sent to a dangerous place because he was a prince. There, he met a dying soldier who was strangely happy. The soldier explained that he could rest in peace because he knew his country and loved ones were safe. This touched Fay deeply, and he became the Sword Emperor again.

About “Zense Wa Ken Mikado Konjou Kuzu Ouji”
This manga, also known as “Previous Life, Sword Emperor. This Life, Trash Prince,” is a Japanese comic written by Alto and drawn by Hayagami Ataka. It falls into the genres of Action, Adventure, Historical Fantasy, and Seinen.

Chapter 38 Release Date
The next chapter, Chapter 38, of “Zense Wa Ken Mikado Konjou Kuzu Ouji” is expected to be released on Thursday, October 12, 2023.

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