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Evolution Begins With a Big Tree Chapter 106

In this new chapter, the nine-tail fox comes to rescue the beast bull from some humans. These humans were about to take a special flower, but the nine-tail fox arrived just in time to stop them. The beast bull tried to fight them off but couldn’t do it alone.

This manhua, “Evolution Begins with a Big Tree,” is really good. It has a fantastic world, a unique main character, and a strong supporting cast with their own special qualities. Plus, we get more than one chapter every week!

In the next chapter, we’ll find out if the nine-tail fox can stop the humans. If you’re wondering when it’ll be released, don’t worry. We’ll talk about the release date of Chapter 106 and where you can read it.

Credits: Kuaikan Manhua

Evolution Begins With a Big Tree Chapter 106 Spoilers

We don’t have any spoilers for Chapter 106 yet because the raw chapter comes out a day before the release date. However, we can still discuss what might happen based on the novel:

  • Some important characters will die.
  • A character named Linger will do something with a snake soul.
  • The Beast Snake will play a role.
  • The main character will gain a new ability related to a snake bloodline.

Evolution Begins With a Big Tree Chapter 106 Release Date

Chapter 106 is expected to be released on Saturday, September 16, 2023. So, mark your calendars if you’re a fan of this manhua!

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