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Eternal Love Chapter 60 Release Date, Spoilers

“Eternal Love,” we’ll continue the story. After that, there will be some wrap-up scenes and more. But there’s something special to note about Chapter 60 – romance stories like this don’t usually last as long as action or adventure ones. Let’s find out why.

Why Romance Stories Like “Eternal Love” Are Not as Popular

“Romance manhua” like “Eternal Love” often don’t have as big of a following as action or adventure series. There might be a few reasons for this. Maybe not many people are into this kind of story, or perhaps the romance genre hasn’t evolved as much in these series. It could be a combination of these factors or something else entirely. Whatever the cause, it’s a fact that romantic manhua doesn’t perform as well in the industry.

(Credits: Kuikan Manhua)

Some romance stories do run for over 100 chapters, but these are exceptions, and it doesn’t seem to be changing soon. However, there’s a benefit to shorter romance stories – they get straight to the point. Their concise plots can make them more popular than longer, drawn-out tales.

Chapter 60: “Eternal Love” Continues

In Chapter 60 of “Eternal Love,” we pick up where we left off. The female lead, Wen, is still contemplating her relationship with Yan. Whenever Yan does something, Wen tends to overthink it in bed, getting lost in her feelings.

In the last chapter, Wen was struggling with Yan’s advances, and it was keeping her up at night. Instead of talking to Yan directly, she turned to other internet users for advice, which only left her feeling heartbroken. This led to confusion and distance between her and the male lead, Yan.

Yan, who seems to have some magical abilities, senses Wen’s emotional turmoil and asks her an indirect question to clear the air.

(Credits: Kuikan Manhua)

What to Expect in Chapter 60

Chapter 60 of “Eternal Love” might be approaching the story’s conclusion, but it’s possible that the manga will take a break before returning with more chapters. Based on the recent pacing, it’s unlikely to end abruptly. It’s possible that the story will continue for another 20 chapters, which is longer than most romance series.

The story will likely focus on the relationship between the two main characters, with the male lead slowly opening up. Ultimately, it might conclude with their marriage and a happily ever after.

Release Date

You can expect “Eternal Love” Chapter 60 to be released on October 17, 2023.

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