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Home » Erin’s Strong Feelings for Aiden Excite Fans in Divorce Plan With Husband Failed Chapter 61

Erin’s Strong Feelings for Aiden Excite Fans in Divorce Plan With Husband Failed Chapter 61

Erin’s Deepening Emotions for Aiden Sparks Excitement Among Fans

Erin has become even more emotionally connected to Aiden in the story, and this has made fans of the series very eager to see what happens next in the upcoming Chapter 61 of “Divorce Plan With Husband Failed.”

Looking Back at Chapter 60 and Predicting Chapter 61

We will also revisit Chapter 60 before the release of Chapter 61 to make sure no one misses any crucial parts of the story. This will help us make predictions about what might happen in the next chapter.

 (Credits: Kakao)

Release Date for Divorce Plan With Husband Failed Chapter 61

Additionally, we will share the release date and some hints about what’s coming up in Chapter 61 of “Divorce Plan With Husband Failed.”

Recap and Review of Chapter 60

In the previous chapter, we saw Aiden asking Joey about Erin’s whereabouts. Joey suggested that Erin might be heading to Angela Patisserie to meet Lady Charte.

Later in the chapter, Erin talks to Yulia Charte and reveals that when Aiden was younger, he used to be more irritable. She also mentions that they got married at a young age and were more like friends initially, with Aiden being the first to develop romantic feelings.

Erin admits that she, too, eventually fell in love with Aiden, despite her efforts not to. She explains that sometimes, you can’t control your feelings. Erin confesses her love for her husband and their commitment to spending their lives together.

She acknowledges that Aiden is not to blame and questions whether he’s truly cool with the situation. However, Erin emphasizes that her feelings for him will never change, and she won’t give up on their relationship, no matter what challenges they face.

 (Credits: Kakao)

Erin believes that their relationship has inevitably led to this point, where her suffering seems inevitable.

Spoilers and Expectations for Chapter 61

In a surprising turn of events, Yulia asks Erin why both of them are jealous of her. Erin is taken aback and asks Yulia to explain. Yulia reveals that she has no interest in the Duke and isn’t interested in Sister either.

This revelation triggers a flashback to a day at the Charte Estate when Yulia asked the Duke about a sculpture she had gifted to Sister Erin. The Duke compliments Erin’s sharp nose and thin eyelids and admires her audacity in gazing at someone else’s wife.

Release Date and Time for Chapter 61

Fans can look forward to reading Chapter 61 of “Divorce Plan With Husband Failed” on October 9, 2023.

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