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Episode 7 of Paradox Live THE ANIMATION

In the last episode, we learned about the tough past of the Akanyatsura group. They faced a tragic loss that brought them together as a chosen family seeking revenge. The episode kicked off with an emotional flashback, revealing the origins of their friendship. Present-day tensions between Satsuki, Reo, and Zen escalated after a phone incident.

Phone Mishap Leads to Unexpected News:
A sudden event forces them to buy a new phone. While doing this routine task, they become engrossed in news about the TWC and BAE battle results, hinting at Cozmez being their next opponent. A street fight involving Kanata from Cozmez reveals he’s also a victim.

 (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Extending a Helping Hand:
Upon discovering Kanata’s troubled demeanor, the trio reaches out to help, showing camaraderie and trying to uncover the mystery behind his distress. The episode promises a mix of emotions and revelations for both characters and viewers.

Episode 7 Recap:
The latest episode begins with a sad flashback, revealing that Akanyatsura members lost their families in a terrible attack, bringing them closer as they seek revenge. A phone accident in a glass of soda adds tension between Satsuki and Reo.

While shopping for a new phone, they learn about the BAE and TWC battle results and discuss Cozmez as their next rivals. The trio, while buying a new phone, intervenes in a situation where Kanata from Cozmez is being bullied. They offer him help and discover that his brother Nayuta is missing.

 (Credits: Crunchyroll)

Searching for Nayuta:
As they search for Nayuta, Zen emphasizes the value of family, while Reo believes Nayuta might be hanging around somewhere. Kanata wonders why Satsuki is helping, and Satsuki opens up about his difficult past, stressing the importance of family.

A Heartfelt Request:
In an emotional moment, Kanata pleads for their help in finding Nayuta. Despite an apology for involving his new friends, Satsuki reassures him that it’s okay to ask for assistance. As they share their stories of loss, they find comfort in each other.

Reunion and Unity:
Nayuta appears, revealing he was having fun alone. The episode concludes with a friendly conversation between the rival groups and Akanyatsura’s performance, highlighting their unity. The trio gives Nayuta suggestions for keeping Kanata informed.

Release Date:
Episode 7 of Paradox Live THE ANIMATION is set to release on November 28, 2023.

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