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Emotional Moments for Sunny Deol in Goa Film Festival

Bollywood actor Sunny Deol, currently in Goa for the 54th International Film Festival of India, opened up about his journey in the film industry, expressing deep emotions. Sunny shared that a challenging phase began after the success of “Gadar,” revealing that he wasn’t offered any scripts after that film.

A Tough Phase After “Gadar”

During a conversation with Rahul Rawail about his career and collaborations with renowned directors, Sunny Deol revealed, “I have been really very lucky. I just get too emotional, that’s my problem.” He went on to talk about the struggle period post-“Gadar,” stating that despite doing some films in between, there was a 20-year gap where he faced difficulties in getting scripts and projects.

Gratitude for Rahul Rawail

Sunny expressed gratitude to Rahul Rawail, with whom he began his journey. “I was very fortunate. I started with Rahul. He gave me three beautiful films. Some worked, some didn’t. But till today, people remember those films. I am standing here because of my films.” Sunny emphasized that his passion for acting and his desire to follow in his father’s cinematic footsteps kept him going.

Determination and Love for Acting

The actor revealed that despite the challenges, he never gave up. “I joined films because I wanted to become an actor, not a star. I had seen the films of my father, and I too wanted to do films of that variety.”

Rajkumar Santoshi’s Tribute

Filmmaker Rajkumar Santoshi, also part of the discussion, expressed his belief that the industry has not fully recognized Sunny Deol’s talent but added, “God has done justice.” This heartfelt statement brought tears to Sunny Deol’s eyes, capturing a poignant moment in the actor’s journey.

In this emotional reflection, Sunny Deol’s resilience and love for acting shine through, highlighting the challenges and triumphs in his illustrious career.

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