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Eleceed Chapter 264: Astra Organization’s Search for Kartein

In this chapter of Eleceed, we will see members of the Astra organization trying to find Kartein. It’s clear that Kartein had a conflict with someone in the past, and this someone is not from Astra but one of the top ten world awakeners. This top awakener sent three of their members to search for Kartein.

The Search Team

Two of these three members are Muras and Gain, who are ranked in the top fifty, and Taiji, who is in the top 100. They are determined to locate Kartein, and they won’t give up until they find him. Andrei has decided to reveal Kartein’s existence as part of his revenge plan.

Credits: Naver

World Awakeners

In the world of Eleceed, there are different ranks of awakeners, including the top 10, top 50, and top 100. However, we are not sure how many of the top 10 are involved in this situation, except for Andrei, Sufri, and Roist Master. There may be more top 10 awakeners involved, but we don’t have confirmation. There are no other known top groups apart from these.

Release Date of Eleceed Chapter 264

If you’re eagerly waiting for the next chapter of Eleceed, here’s what you need to know:

  • Release Date: Eleceed Chapter 264 is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19, 2023, PT.

Kartein’s Power and Astra’s Organization

Credits: Naver

While some may think Jiwoo and Kayden are invincible with Kartein’s healing abilities, it’s important to note that Kartein’s healing is not instant, and characters can still die. Astra’s Organization seems to be operating under the assumption that Kartein is not with Kayden, and they may not fully understand Kartein’s true power, as he hasn’t revealed his full strength yet.

Kartein intentionally hides his power, which is likely close to the top 10, to avoid unnecessary attention. Astra’s Organization may only have one member in the top 10 awakeners. Other top 10 awakeners, like Veramonte Patrick, may not be affiliated with them.

It’s possible that Astra’s organization consists of many awakeners in the top 100, top 50, and even top 15. Their strength in numbers could be why they’ve risen to become one of the top 10 organizations globally. However, we can’t confirm if they have any members in the top 10.

In summary, the next chapter of Eleceed is set to reveal more about the Astra Organization’s search for Kartein and the power dynamics among world awakeners.

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