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Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 26: Russel and Friends vs. the Giant Skeleton

In this chapter of “Dragon-Devouring Mage,” Russel and his classmates face off against a massive skeleton. Russel wasn’t very confident about winning, so he was just trying to delay the fight until the judges could help.

A Change of Heart

However, after a motivating speech from a girl with blue hair, everyone decides to help Russel defeat the skeleton. With their combined efforts, they might actually win without waiting for the judges.

Not Just Friendship

Russel didn’t save these people out of friendship, and the students didn’t join the fight because they were friends. It was more about duty and Russel’s unique dragon power. They didn’t want to leave the person who had saved them to face danger alone (except for one person).

The Art Style and Russel’s Power

The recent chapter had impressive artwork that made Russel look even cooler. Russel’s power seems to be linked to unlocking circles, which could lead to a powerful dragon mode when he reaches the highest circle.

Release Date for Chapter 26

If you’re wondering when Chapter 26 of “Dragon-Devouring Mage” will be released, don’t worry. We’ll talk about its release date and some spoilers in this article.

Credits: Kakao

Chapter 25 Recap

Chapter 25 begins with Russel stalling for time until the judges arrive. However, he’s low on mana and in a tough spot. Fortunately, the girl with blue hair saves him. She tells everyone that they won’t leave someone who risked their life for her behind. So, all the students gather to help Russel. He comes up with a plan to defeat the giant skeleton, and the chapter ends as they execute the plan.

Spoilers for Chapter 26

There are no spoilers available for Chapter 26 yet, but we can discuss what might happen. In the next chapter, they’ll probably defeat the skeleton giant, or the judges might step in to help. Ulsen, one of the judges, is angry with the cult members for interfering with the exam. Russel could either excel or struggle in the rankings due to the “rules” and the one coward who possesses all the gems. The story could go in the direction of an overpowered protagonist or a determined underdog. Also, the judges might try to make things difficult for Russel because it’s his fault the cult members were there in the first place.

Release Date for Chapter 26

“Dragon-Devouring Mage” Chapter 26 is set to be released on Saturday, September 16, 2023, PT.

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