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Dr. Player Chapter 63: Release Date & Spoilers

After Penin didn’t get the treasure he expected for his recent heroic actions, fans of the series are eager to know what’s coming next in the story.

Dr. Player Chapter 63 Release Date

We’ll also take a closer look at the latest chapter and discuss what’s happening in the story. Plus, we’ve got some spoilers and a reading guide.

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The Story So Far

In the previous chapter, Penin received an award instead of the treasure he hoped for. He expressed his disappointment, wishing he’d found treasure instead. Some in the audience pointed out that it was a prestigious award from the King, but Penin still seemed unsatisfied.

Recap of Dr. Player Chapter 62

Later in the chapter, Sir Balthan noted Penin’s apparent worry. When asked why, he explained that Penin is known for caring deeply about others, and he might be concerned about an upcoming war.

CC: Kakao)

Penin’s New Fame

Penin also learned that his fame had grown, and some people were now looking at him differently. However, he still yearned for treasure and believed money would only be seen as a prize.

Penin’s Request

When the prince asked Penin if he wanted something, Penin revealed his suspicion that someone had planned the award instead of treasure. He asked them to find the culprit and punish them, secretly hoping they’d also find his stolen treasure.

King’s Gratitude

Surprisingly, the King praised Penin for his contributions and expressed gratitude. The King saw Penin as someone who had made a significant impact on the kingdom, similar to how Penin saw a loyal subject.

Dr. Player Chapter 63 Release Date and Spoilers

Mark your calendars for September 29, 2023, when Dr. Player Chapter 63 will be released. Fans can’t wait to see what unfolds next in the story.

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