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Dr. Player Chapter 60: Exciting Release This Weekend

Dr. Player is a cool manga about a guy named Raymond who starts as a healer but ends up becoming a super surgeon. In the new chapter, some interesting things are happening. Let’s find out!

Chapter 59 Recap

In the last chapter, our hero, Dr. Player, went on an adventure to a place called the Houston Kingdom in the Ghir Mountains. When he got there, a special quest appeared on his screen. This quest was different because it involved protecting a Tiger Moth, which is not your usual quest.

The mission was really tough, and Dr. Player had to be super careful not to get hurt. Depending on how well they did, they might win something cool.

But things got even more interesting because they had a special skill they could use for a whole day without any limits.

Credits: Kakao

Chapter 60 Release Date

Now, in Chapter 60, they are exploring some ruins, and they meet a stranger named Mason. He’s a high-ranking healer for the Royal Family. At first, Mason doesn’t think Dr. Player is any good, but he changes his mind after a little argument.

Dr. Player ends up agreeing to follow Mason’s lead, and they have some funny conversations along the way. But here’s the cool part: Dr. Player has a special skill called “Eagle’s Eye” that lets him see tiny details, which is super useful for exploring ruins. However, it uses up their magical energy, so they can’t use it for too long.

In the end, Dr. Player has become an amazing surgeon with all sorts of incredible knowledge. It’s an exciting story about his adventures and challenges.

Chapter 60 Release Date

If you’re a fan of Dr. Player, get ready because Chapter 60 is coming out on September 16, 2023. Don’t miss it!

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