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Doujima-Kun’s Won’t Be Disturbed Chapter 32 Coming Soon!

The manga Doujima-Kun Won’t Be Disturbed is about to release Chapter 32 by the end of this month. We’re excited to see how things are going for Doujima and Himewaka, who are now a couple.

A Calm Guy and a Curious Girl

In this manga, Doujima is a quiet and serious guy who rarely shows his emotions. Himewaka, on the other hand, is his classmate who can’t help but steal glances at him and becomes more and more curious about him. Eventually, she falls for him.

(Credits: Kodansha)

Chapter 31 Recap: A Date at the Aquarium

In the previous chapter, Doujima and Himewaka planned to go out often during their summer vacation, but they didn’t get the chance until now. They decided to visit the aquarium for their long-awaited date. Himewaka had researched a lot to make it a special day.

As they explore the aquarium, they compare themselves to various sea creatures. Himewaka even finds a fish that reminds her of Doujima because it’s calm and composed. She shares her research with him, making the visit more interesting.

After enjoying all the aquatic wonders, they discuss their fun day. Doujima appreciates Himewaka’s efforts in making it enjoyable.

Chapter 31 Ends with a Surprise Kiss

As they talk about a punishment game, Doujima surprises Himewaka with a kiss, leaving her surprised and happy. They share another kiss, sealing their newfound relationship.

Chapter 32 Spoilers: A Developing Relationship

(Credits: Kodansha)

In the upcoming Chapter 32, we’ll see how Doujima and Himewaka’s relationship evolves now that they are a couple. Their feelings for each other are changing, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Chapter 32 Release Date: September 28, 2023

You can catch Chapter 32 of Doujima-Kun Won’t Be Disturbed on September 28, 2023. Don’t miss out on the exciting developments in their love story!

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