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Doctor Kim Faces New Trouble in Jinx Chapter 38

Doctor Kim Dan is in danger once again because of Jaekyung, but this time, it wasn’t a direct attack. It’s like a pattern in this series for Kim Dan to go through hardships every few chapters. From what we saw in the last chapter, it seems Jinx Chapter 38 will have a similar situation.

The story began with a car crash, and Kim Dan ended up with a person who only values him for his appearance, not for who he is as a person. There was no promise of romance from the beginning, just a man who’s obsessed with Kim’s looks and takes advantage of his vulnerability.

Even though the story falls into the Yaoi genre, which gave some hope for a romantic future, it’s more about despair than hope. The story seems to be on a one-way path towards disaster, especially for Kim Dan, a man who attracts people like Jinx and loan sharks due to his delicate features.

Credits: Lezhin)

Jaekyung has helped Kim Dan with his financial problems, but he’s not doing it out of kindness. He expects Kim to repay the money he owes and uses him for his own purposes. The story tries to hint that Jaekyung may have feelings for Kim Dan, but it quickly throws that idea away for the sake of drama.

The events leading up to Jinx Chapter 38 have left many readers disappointed. The manhwa promised a lot but kept subverting expectations. Kim and Jaekyung’s relationship is far from healthy, but it keeps readers engaged.

It’s a series that keeps readers interested, but it does so by subjecting Kim Dan to endless suffering and testing his patience. If not for his enduring patience, the series might have ended long ago.

Kim Dan is now deeply attached to Jaekyung, exhibiting signs of Stockholm Syndrome. He’s lost his sense of reason and doesn’t even think about his grandmother; his focus is solely on his abuser. This messed-up response from Kim Dan is what keeps readers hooked on the series.

In a traditional story, Kim Dan might be seen as an outdated female lead with no other qualities. However, in the Yaoi genre, these dynamics are more acceptable. Thanks to Kim Dan’s actions (or lack thereof), Jaekyung believes he can do as he pleases with him, creating a complicated, perverted connection.

What to Expect in Jinx Chapter 38:

In Jinx Chapter 38, we will see Kim Dan falling ill after drinking a protein shake. This shake was meant for Jaekyung as a gift from where they were staying. It was intended to cheer up a celebrity who had decided to stay there. However, the way the scene was portrayed suggests foul play, as if someone wanted to drug the Korean MMA fighter before his match and make him quit. Unfortunately, a mix-up led to Kim Dan drinking the poisoned shake instead, making the situation even more complicated. Now, Jaekyung can’t vent his frustrations on Kim before his main event.

Credits: Lezhin)

Despite the challenges, this situation might provide an opportunity for the two main characters to come closer once more. They have been going through a cycle of emotional separation and getting closer emotionally. Both of them are oblivious to their feelings for each other, and their romance is stagnant. The next chapter might offer a chance for Jaekyung to make amends for his mistreatment of Kim.

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