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Discover the Latest Happenings in Between Winter and Spring Chapter 16!

In the upcoming chapter of “Between Winter and Spring,” Ha Yeon is about to embark on a new musical journey. She’s struggling to understand how to play the guitar by simply reading a book, so Hi Jee steps in to give her a guitar learning session. Ha Yeon is determined to conquer this challenge and make music.

Additionally, the mystery surrounding Min Jae’s sudden change in behavior and habits is expected to be unraveled in this chapter. Ha Yeon is determined to find answers, no matter what it takes.

Chapter 15 Recap:

Chapter 15 of “Between Winter and Spring” began with Ha Yeon pondering Min Jae’s unusual behavior towards her. Her thoughts are interrupted by a message from her friend Hana, containing a group photo from a club session. However, Min Jae is noticeably absent from the picture, leaving Ha Yeon puzzled and concerned about his sadness.

After much reflection, Ha Yeon realizes that the issue might not be with Min Jae but with her for not asking him directly. She decides to approach Min Jae in class the next day but is disappointed when he doesn’t show up.

During class, the teacher inquires about Min Jae’s absence, and it’s revealed that he won’t be attending school for the day. This news leaves Ha Yeon even more anxious.

As the class continues, Ha Yeon struggles to focus due to her worries about Min Jae. Hana helps her get back on track, but Ha Yeon still gives the wrong answer to a question. Despite Hana’s apology, Ha Yeon brushes it off, saying it doesn’t matter because she would have answered the same way.

Determined to find information about Min Jae, Ha Yeon musters the courage to approach Hi Jee. However, shyness gets the best of her, and she initially runs away. Later, she makes an excuse about wanting guitar lessons and visits Hi Jee’s classroom.

Unfortunately, Hi Jee is not present in the classroom, so Ha Yeon decides to watch the class from a window to find him. To her surprise, Hi Jee appears behind her, asking what she’s doing and calming her nerves.

Credit: Kakao

Ha Yeon then requests Hi Jee’s help in understanding a book, but he explains that it’s challenging without a video demonstration. Disheartened, she walks away, unable to muster the courage to ask about Min Jae.

Noticing Ha Yeon’s sudden change in behavior, Hi Jee invites her to visit the club room before leaving. Ha Yeon questions his intentions, and he offers to teach her how to play the guitar in the club room.

Chapter 16 Release Date:

Prepare for the next chapter of “Between Winter and Spring,” which is set to release on Thursday, September 14, 2023, at 12:00 AM JST. Get ready to follow Ha Yeon’s musical journey and uncover the mysteries surrounding Min Jae’s behavior!

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