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Debut or Die Chapter 46 !

Are you a fan of the Manhwa, Debut or Die? Well, get ready because Chapter 46 is coming out in just a few days! We’re super excited to find out what happens to Team Rabbit’s stage and how the audience reacts, along with the anchor’s comments. From the sneak peek we got in the preview, it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful performance.

What’s Debut or Die All About?

Debut or Die is a story about a student named Ryu Gun Woo. He’s studying for civil services, but suddenly, he finds himself in the body of a trainee. The catch is, he has to debut, or else he’ll face some serious consequences. Now, he’s on a mission to save himself.

Chapter 45 Recap

In Chapter 45, we saw how devoted fans faced some big challenges just to get into the show. They had to wait in long lines to enter the performance area and even wait in separate lines if they wanted to buy stuff from the members.

The story they’re performing is about the love between the rabbit from the moon and humans from Earth who meet on Earth. Team Rabbit starts giving their best performance based on this tale.

Credits: Kakao Page)

The Big Performance

As the fans secure their spots near the fence, everyone gathers around. The competition rules are announced, and it’s mostly based on what the audience decides, with some algorithm and voting stuff. They listen to all the rules and then wait anxiously for the show to begin.

The stage starts narrating the tale of the moon rabbit’s trip to Earth and how it fell in love with a human. The human promises to go to the moon for the rabbit, and it’s a touching story.

Team Rabbit is all set and ready, and they’ve practiced a lot for this performance. They cheer for themselves and hope to give the audience and fans an amazing show. And guess what? They do! The chapter ends with their mesmerizing performance.

What’s Coming in Chapter 46?

In Chapter 46, we’re looking forward to seeing how the audience reacts to the performance and what the anchor has to say about it. We’re sure the fans will be thrilled with the fantastic show Team Rabbit has put on.

Save the Date!

Mark your calendars because Chapter 46 of Debut or Die will be released on September 23, 2023. Get ready for more excitement and drama!

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