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Dead Mount Death Play Episode 14:


▪ A reporter called Koucho Eightport was stirring trouble but we still don’t know what kind of role she will be playing in the series.

▪ She says that she is interested in Polka’s work as a fortune teller and she wants to interview him.

▪ Polka needed to process like the Fire Breathing Bug name dropping the Bastard Sons of Sabarmond.

The supernatural anime “Dead Mount Death Play” is back with a new episode, and it continues the story from where it left off. It’s quite interesting to watch an evil overlord living in the body of an ordinary person. In this episode, we’ll see Polka dealing with some problems that have spiraled out of control. As the season progresses, we can expect some exciting twists in the plot.

Credits: Crunchyroll]

There are many questions that both the characters in the anime and the viewers want answers to. Who is Polka really, and what’s his connection to all things supernatural? But these are just the beginning of the mysteries. In the previous episode, we also met a new character, a reporter named Koucho Eightport. He seemed interested in Polka’s fortune-telling, but can we trust him? Polka’s lies were quite obvious in the last episode, and nobody seemed convinced.

About “Dead Mount Death Play”
“Dead Mount Death Play” is a supernatural fantasy anime about an evil lord who wakes up in modern Japan in the body of a dead boy. The boy had his own mysteries, including being chased by an assassin. The evil lord’s life became even more adventurous and dangerous when he found himself in the body of a human boy. It’s an intriguing and sometimes funny story.

Credits: Crunchyroll]

Episode 13 Recap
In the previous episode, the story mainly revolved around Polka, the protagonist. People are curious about his true identity because of his suspicious actions. The other characters took a backseat in this episode, and a new character named Koucho appeared, showing interest in Polka and his mysterious past.

Polka had to deal with various challenges, like the mention of the Bastard Sons of Sabarmond, which connected to his past. Sabarmond was a court sorcerer who was linked to Polka’s master due to political influence rather than magical power. Polka didn’t appreciate Sabarmond’s name being used in this new world. Takumi also sought answers about the situation, but their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Koucho, who wanted to interview Polka, revealing knowledge of Takumi’s questionable connections.

Episode 14 Release Date
“Dead Mount Death Play” Episode 14 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, October 17, 2023.

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