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Dandadan Chapter 123 Release!

Hey there, Dandadan fans! The next chapter, Chapter 123, is on its way, and we’re all super excited to see what happens next. But before we get into that, let’s take a closer look at what’s been happening in the story.

Dandadan Chapter 123 Release Date:
The new chapter is set to come out on October 2, 2023.

(Credits: Manga Plus)

Recap of Chapter 122:
In the last chapter, Momo asked Sanjome why he became their advisor and even questioned if she remembered him. She was curious about the class he taught and how long he’d been at their school. It felt a bit strange to her.

Sanjome replied by saying that when they felt good, they should blow a conch shell, and when they couldn’t blow it anymore, that’s when they should stop exploring things that interested them. He asked if they were genuinely interested in getting to know him.

Mystery and Intrigue:
Later in the chapter, Momo mentioned that every imaginable mystery, like spirits, paranormal abilities, urban legends, UFOs, and ancient civilizations, exists in their world. She revealed that she wanted to investigate and solve these mysteries, but human life is too short.

Sanjome shared his idea of working together with others who shared the same goals to speed up their quests. This is why he decided to become their advisor for the history and culture research lab. He made it clear that their commitment to the quest was the condition for him being their advisor.

(Credits: Manga Plus)

Moving to a New Space:
Sanjome took them to a school storage room and suggested they could use the items stored there or move them to a new storage room behind the school building. This upset Momo and Kinta, who wondered if they were only approved as a group to help him with this task.

A Mysterious Teacher:
After clearing up the mess, Okarun found Sanjome intriguing, thinking he was different from other teachers. But Momo wasn’t so sure about him and thought he might be hiding something. To find out, she put her head on his chest, which embarrassed him, and he pushed her away.

So, it looks like there’s quite a bit of mystery and tension building up in the story!

(Credits: Manga Plus)

What’s Next?
With Chapter 123 around the corner, we can’t wait to see how things unfold. Will Momo discover the secrets Sanjome might be hiding? Stay tuned, Dandadan fans, and mark your calendars for October 2, 2023, to dive into the next exciting chapter!

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