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Daegun’s Search for Ji Boram in The Bully in Charge Chapter 74

In the last chapter, Daegun learned about Ji Boram from his friends Nambae and Chunsim. Now, readers are eager to see how Daegun will track down Ji Boram in Chapter 74.

Daegun and Nambae’s Test of Strength

Daegun and Nambae decided to test their skills by having a friendly fight. However, Nambae quickly realized that Daegun was too fast, making it hard to block his punches. Even when Nambae managed to block, he felt the impact all the way to his head. Despite the challenge, Nambae decided to stop defending himself and instead tried a different approach.

Nambae’s Strategy and Chunsim’s Observation

Realizing that he couldn’t keep up with Daegun’s speed, Nambae intentionally created an opening in his defense, allowing him to finally catch Daegun’s hands. Chunsim, who was watching from a distance, was tired from climbing stairs but was determined not to stay still. She suggested resolving the match with a game, but doubted Nambae could win since Daegun excelled at hand games.

Chunsim’s Past and Nambae’s Revelation

As Chunsim reached the terrace, she recalled playing games with Nambae in their childhood, but their friendship took a hit when Nambae accidentally hurt her. In the present, Nambae realized that true strength wasn’t what he initially thought. Ultimately, Nambae lost to Daegun in their friendly match.

(Credit: Naver Webtoon)

Mysterious Car and Nambae’s Concerns

While Nambae pondered his defeat, he noticed a black car outside Chunsim’s residence. Recognizing someone from the mud club inside, Nambae wondered if they were after him or Daegun.

Daegun’s Background and Nambae’s Revelation

Nambae, aware of Daegun’s association with the “four heavenly kings,” questioned Chunsim’s favorable attitude toward him. Investigating Daegun’s background, Nambae discovered that Daegun had been taking down bullies since transferring to their school. Despite Daegun breaking his glasses during their fight, Daegun apologized and offered to buy him a new pair.

Nambae’s Promise and Revelation about the Drug

Daegun reminded Nambae about his promise to share information about the mud club. Nambae, willing to keep his word, explained a drug they used for concentration during studies. He revealed that he and the other heavenly kings used an improved version of an existing drug.

Chapter 74 Release Date

Readers can expect The Bully in Charge Chapter 74 to be released on Thursday, November 23, 2023.

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