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Cry, Even Better If You Beg Chapter 5: Spoilers & Release Date

In this exciting story, we will soon dive into Chapter 5 of Cry, Even Better If You Beg. But before we do, let’s explore the backstory of the main character, Leila Llewellyn, and how her journey in this fantasy romance Manhwa unfolds.

(Credits: Naver)

A Promise in Spring

Leila’s story begins with a heartwarming promise she made with her parents to visit the park together when the flowers bloomed in Spring. However, this promise took a tragic turn as it became her parents’ last words, and Spring never came again for her.

A Tough Life for Leila

After losing her parents, Leila had a tough life, moving from one relative’s house to another. She faced constant harassment from her aunt’s children, who treated her terribly.

Things got even worse when her own relatives turned against her. Her uncle was particularly cruel, subjecting her to physical abuse, especially on the days when he lost money gambling.

(Credits: Naver)

Leila’s Ordeal

Leila’s life was like living in hell, and as a child with nowhere to go, she felt helpless. One day, she found herself abandoned on a cold winter road, left to fend for herself with no one willing to help.

A Journey of Hope

Eventually, Leila was directed to board a train and cross the border to Berg, a place she knew little about. It was her father’s birthplace, and it was there that she met someone named Bill Lemmer.

Recap of Chapter 4: Matthias Von Herhardt

In the previous chapter, we were introduced to Matthias Von Herhardt, a member of an honorable aristocratic family. He was regarded as the epitome of perfection, with everyone admiring his qualities and dignified demeanor.

However, Leila Llewellyn saw things differently. Matthias had a disturbing hobby of hunting small birds in the woods, viewing it as a game.

Chapter 5 Release Date

Exciting news! Cry, Even Better If You Beg Chapter 5 is set to be released on September 19, 2023, on its official platform. Stay tuned for the next chapter in Leila’s journey!

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