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Coming Soon: Limitless Chapter 38

In the next chapter of “Limitless,” something exciting is about to happen. Let’s break it down step by step:

Baek Sangdu and Mujin’s Fight

In the previous chapter, Baek Sangdu and Mujin fought off some tough guys sent by Choi Doosung. But now, readers are curious to know what these two will do next in Chapter 38.

Hongdo Realizes Mujin’s Strength

Hongdo, one of the bad guys, figured out that Mujin is not an ordinary person. He even tried to fight Mujin, but soon realized that Doosung’s men were also skilled fighters.

When Hongdo saw how strong Mujin really was, he decided they needed to eliminate both Baek Sangdu and Mujin. Hongdo and Mujin prepared to fight each other, ready to use knives.

Mujin and Baek Sangdu’s Counterattack

Mujin stepped in to help Baek Sangdu by taking down most of the guys. Baek Sangdu, even though injured, managed to get back on his feet and threatened one of the guys to spill the beans about who sent them.

Director’s Visit

Meanwhile, the director was heading to see Baek, even though his secretary was unsure why he had to go in person. The director explained that he had sent Baek forcefully against his wishes, and he believed Baek might be angry with him. He thought Baek performed better when he was upset.

The Director’s Plan

Credits: Naver Webtoon

The director was confident in his secretary’s choice of people for this mission. They had even recruited some skilled individuals from Ham Securities. Some of the guys were motivated by revenge, thinking Mujin had killed someone named Ham.

The secretary was concerned about the risks, especially if the president found out about their involvement. But the director believed that Baek Sangdu was essential to their plans.

Baek Sangdu and Mujin’s Victory

Baek Sangdu and Mujin managed to defeat all the guys sent after them, surprising Hongdo with their strength. Fortunately, they only suffered minor injuries.

Chapter 38 Release Date

You can expect to read Limitless Chapter 38 on Monday, September 18, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST. Get ready for the action!

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