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City of Arrogance Chapter 11 Release Date

Fans of the City of Arrogance series have some thrilling updates to look forward to:

1. City of Arrogance Chapter 11 Release Date

The release date for Chapter 11 of City of Arrogance is set for September 21, 2023. Mark your calendars!

2. Recap of Chapter 10

In Chapter 10, we saw Empress and the Priest discussing the future of the Chadian Empire. The Priest believes that if His Highness Matthias becomes the ruler, the empire should become a holy land governed by Elahe’s laws. The Empress needs more time to consider this.

3. Pervaz Castle Scenes

Credits: Naver

We also visited Pervaz Castle, where the Duke and the Prince were seen practicing together. The Prince is getting better and reminds us that even in the far north, summer is still hot. The Duke reveals Count Pervaz’s efforts to revive agriculture, and they seem to be in a hurry. The Prince notices the change in the Duke’s expression when planting seeds.

4. Concerns and Preparations

The Prince asks about the luggage from the capital, which is almost sorted. However, the Duke is concerned about the attitude of their servants towards Pervaz Castle’s servants, fearing it may upset Count Pervaz. To prevent issues, the Prince instructs their servants to stay in their area and asks the Duke to take care of the nobles in the capital.

Credits: Naver

5. Spoilers and Expectations

Lastly, fans are buzzing with spoilers and expectations for the upcoming chapters. Keep an eye out for what’s in store for City of Arrogance!

Stay tuned for more updates as the story unfolds in Chapter 11!

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