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Cinderella Wasn’t Me Chapter 95!”

In the last chapter, Cesio got the Duchess’s approval, and now we’re all eager to know what happens next. There’s a spy in the story, and we’re curious to see how Terryl will uncover them in the upcoming Chapter 95.

Cesio found out that Rosaline had been poisoned by someone from the royal guard. They revealed that even the palace forces were under someone named Tanitar’s control, and they couldn’t contact them.

(Credits: Kakao Page)

Cesio thought it was wise to check if even the first order of knights had switched sides to Tanitar. He was surprised at how careful Tanitar was, poisoning Rosaline as soon as he took over the palace.

Cesio believed that Tanitar was afraid of Rihan, as he blamed Debrik for the rebellion, not Rihan. The royal guard asked Cesio if he understood what was happening inside the palace, but Cesio couldn’t because it was protected by strong magic.

The royal guard worriedly mentioned that the crowning ceremony for the temporary ruler was only three days away, even though Rosaline, the rightful heir, was very sick. Cesio wondered if they should heal Rosaline first.

But the royal guard warned that if they did, Tanitar would notice, so Cesio decided to let the royal guard handle the situation for now.

Recap of Cinderella Wasn’t Me Chapter 94

In the last chapter, Marquis Debrik’s execution was postponed. The badger team was near the imperial palace. Some nobles didn’t think Cesio was fit to manage Rihan’s finances and believed she should have chosen a stronger partner.

They thought Cesio should know his place. The Duchess overheard the nobles talking about Cesio and scolded them, saying they could speak freely in front of their esteemed guest.

(Credits: Kakao Page)

When the nobles expressed concern for the White Pole’s future, the Duchess dismissed their excuses. She believed people who criticized Rihan’s heir for her choice of partner couldn’t genuinely care about the White Pole. She apologized to Cesio and left quickly, acknowledging that it must have been hard for him to hear those harsh words.

Cesio thanked the Duchess, and she invited him to keep her company. She noted that adapting to this place was tough without physical and mental strength. Cesio found warmth in her words, making it feel more like home than anywhere else in the world.

Exciting News About Cinderella Wasn’t Me Chapter 95 Release

Cinderella Wasn’t Me Chapter 95 will be released on Sunday, October 1, 2023. Don’t miss it!

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