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Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return Chapter 73


▪ I feel like Namgoong Sohe will be happy but angry seeing her Namgoong Chun.

▪ You may have heard about Blood Demon from Dan Wohyu (MC) when he mentioned that he was the 2nd strongest.

In the upcoming chapter of “Chronicles of the Martial God’s Return,” some interesting things are happening. Let’s break it down in simple terms:

Dan Wohyu, Namgoong Chun, and Sa Dohak’s Visit:

Dan Wohyu, Namgoong Chun, and Sa Dohak are going to visit Namgoong’s big house in Chapter 73. Dan Wohyu has been wanting to go there for a while, but he couldn’t because he had to take care of Somi.

Credits: Kakao)

Somi Falls Asleep:

Somi, who was with Dan Wohyu, has finally fallen asleep. Now that she’s asleep, Dan Wohyu can go visit Namgoong’s place without any worries.

Namgoong Sohe’s Journey:

On the other hand, Namgoong Sohe is running away from some bad guys. She’s managed to escape from them safely. And guess where she’s decided to go next? She’s heading to Dan Wohyu’s house.

Credits: Kakao)

Namgoong Sohe’s Mixed Emotions:

When Namgoong Sohe meets Namgoong Chun (her grandfather), she might feel happy and mad at the same time. She’ll be happy because he’s not dead, but also angry because he didn’t look for her, even though he was worried about people who betrayed him.

Somi’s Cuteness:

The recent chapter had Somi being really cute, so we stopped worrying about other things.

Somi’s Role:

Somi is an important character in the story. But for fans who love action, they might not like her as much because she brings a different, more family-oriented vibe to the story. Some people want Dan Wohyu to go on a rampage, but the author is good at telling the story.

Somi’s Popularity:

The studio behind this series probably knows that Somi is a big reason why people like it. She’s become the series’ selling point.

Exciting Climax:

The story is building up to an exciting climax where we will see powerful characters meet in the next few chapters.

Release Date:

If you’re wondering when Chapter 73 comes out, it’s on Tuesday, October 17, 2023.


At the end of the last chapter, Namgoong Sohe is going to Dan Wohyu’s place, and Dan Wohyu, Namgoong Chun, and Sa Dohak are going to Namgoong’s estate. So, they might run into each other, and it could lead to a big showdown. There’s also a powerful character called the Blood Demon involved, so things are getting intense. The release date for Chapter 73 is October 17, 2023.

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