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Chronicles of the Demon Faction Chapter 34 Release date

In the upcoming chapter of Chronicles of the Demon Faction, the intense battle between Seoryang and the fourth lord continues. Recent chapters have seen a significant shift in Chun Hajin’s way of thinking.

Chun Hajin initially had the upper hand against the fourth lord, but things took a turn when the fourth lord unleashed a poisonous attack, striking Chun Hajin. This encounter is likely to have a profound impact on Chun Hajin. Additionally, during the battle, Anghwab got caught in the crossfire.

Now, let’s talk about the release date of Chronicles of the Demon Faction Chapter 34, along with some insights into the story.

Chapter 34 Release Date

Chronicles of the Demon Faction Chapter 34 is set to be released on Saturday, September 9, 2023, KST (Korean Standard Time). Please note that this date refers to the official Korean version of the chapter.

If you’re an English reader, you can expect the unofficial English translation to be available shortly after the official release, typically around Friday, September 15, 2023.

Credits: Naver

What’s Been Happening

In recent chapters, Chun Hajin found himself in an entirely new body, needing to start his training from scratch. He not only had to regain his strength but also create a new martial arts style.

In Chapter 33, the Penal Hall captain mentioned that he couldn’t get a read on Chun Hajin. It’s clear that Chun Hajin had no intentions of pursuing a peaceful path. He understands the threat the fourth lord poses and seems determined to eliminate him.

As for Chapter 34, while there are no official spoilers available yet, it’s expected to address the aftermath of the battle and Chun Hajin’s evolving mindset. Questions about Chun Hajin’s past actions and his newfound focus on non-killing in the Demon Faction may also come into play.

So, mark your calendars for September 9th, and stay tuned for the next thrilling installment of Chronicles of the Demon Faction!

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