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Chi no Wadachi Chapter 154 Release Date: What to Expect

Chi no Wadachi Chapter 154 is coming out this weekend. If you’re a fan of this manga by Oshimi Shuzo, get ready for more excitement. This manga dives deep into the feelings of its characters, especially the main character, Seiichi Osabe. Let’s break it down for you.

The Story So Far

In this manga, Seiichi’s life takes a tragic turn when a terrible accident involving his cousin shatters his once-peaceful family life. This leaves Seiichi with many questions and doubts. He starts wondering about his mother’s love for him. Is it genuine maternal love or something darker?

Credits: Kodansha

Chapter 154 Preview

In the previous chapter (Chapter 153), Seiichi received a mysterious package with tuna and mayonnaise rice balls, and he was asked to return it by August 29th. As he’s about to leave after enjoying the meal, he’s struck by the beauty of the world around him. But then, his thoughts quickly turn to his mother, whom he hasn’t thought about in years. What’s even more unsettling is that he can’t remember what she looks like anymore.

What’s Happening Next

Chapter 154 seems to be a chapter where Seiichi reflects on his past and experiences a moment of deep thought. He’s also fixated on the approaching date, August 29th, for some reason. This chapter delves into Seiichi’s emotional journey, suggesting unresolved traumas and the complexity of his feelings.

The Release Date

You can expect Chi no Wadachi Chapter 154 to be released on September 16, 2023.

So, if you’re following this captivating manga, get ready for more suspense and emotional exploration in the upcoming chapter.

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