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Home » Chapter 48 of “Make the Exorcist Fall in Love” – Release Date and Preview

Chapter 48 of “Make the Exorcist Fall in Love” – Release Date and Preview

Discover the Unlikely Love Story in Chapter 48

In this beloved manga, “Make the Exorcist Fall in Love,” brought to life by ARIMA Aruma’s writing and FUKAYAMA Masuku’s captivating artwork, readers are immersed in a timeless narrative that seamlessly weaves together romance, drama, comedy, and mature themes.


Within this mesmerizing tale, divine forces select a young exorcist to bear the weight of humanity’s destiny. He stands as one of the most formidable exorcists, locked in relentless combat against the Demon Kings. Yet, beneath his formidable exterior lies a hidden passion for the art of confectionary creation.

His dream is simple: a life filled with the joy of baking amidst the chaos and bloodshed. But fate has other plans. One fateful day, he crosses paths with a girl whose charm and innocence stand in stark contrast to the war-torn world they inhabit.

Chapter 48 Release Date

Prepare for the next thrilling chapter in the unique love story that defies all odds within the backdrop of a holy war. As we eagerly anticipate the release of Chapter 48 of “Make the Exorcist Fall in Love,” let’s explore the chapter 47 recap, the growing connection between Saran and Aria, and the exciting developments in this enticing narrative.

Make the Exorcist Fall in Love  (Credits: Manga Plus)

Chapter 47 Recap

In Chapter 47, we delve deeper into the blossoming bond between Saran and Aria against the backdrop of a school festival. Saran finds solace in Aria’s singing, and their camaraderie brightens his day, despite the strain it puts on his voice. Amidst lighthearted moments, Aria invites Saran to spend time together, revealing her playful side.

As the discussion turns to Aria’s upcoming performance, Saran wonders if she will showcase her new song on the final day of the school festival. Aria’s commitment to planning becomes evident, and their conversation takes a sweet turn as they discuss their initial encounters and Aria’s longing for singing.

Chapter 48 Release Date

Chapter 48 promises to deliver more heartwarming moments as Saran and Aria’s connection deepens. Aria’s request for Saran’s assistance in the makeshift changing area ignites a sense of closeness between them. Amidst banter and compliments, their hands touch, leaving Saran contemplating a possible connection.

The chapter takes an intense turn as Saran shields Aria from a menacing demon king, showcasing their growing bond. Aria’s desire for revenge against the demon lord hints at her troubled past and unresolved conflicts, driven by her love for Saran.

Chapter 48 Release Date

“Make the Exorcist Fall in Love” Chapter 48 is scheduled for release on September 19, 2023. Stay tuned for the release timings in various regions, and don’t miss the continuation of this captivating tale filled with romance, intrigue, and suspense.

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