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Home » Chapter 24 of “The Duke’s Daughter is Going on Strike” Manga – What to Expect

Chapter 24 of “The Duke’s Daughter is Going on Strike” Manga – What to Expect

The new chapter of “The Duke’s Daughter is Going on Strike” manga series is finally here, and it’s the one fans have been eagerly waiting for. In this chapter, we dive into a dialogue between two important characters, Ariel Frey Brixia and Ethan.

A Mysterious Encounter

Even though Frey Brixia is wearing a mask, Ethan recognizes her from a previous meeting at a capital bar. Ariel Frey Brixia suggests that they go back together.

(Credits: Kakao)

A Masked Party Begins

The chapter opens with a beautiful panel showing people enjoying a nighttime party, all of them wearing masks. This confirms that the party is in full swing.

Seeking Information

In the following panel, Ariel Frey and Ben head towards the information guild. Ariel tries hard to remember where she met Ben, as his face seems familiar but the memory eludes her. Eventually, Ben points out the information guild, named ‘Red Pub,’ and Ariel appreciates his help as she enters the unfamiliar place.

An Unusual Information Guild

Inside the guild, Ariel encounters a bartender and explains that she’s there to collect some requested information. The place doesn’t seem like what she expected, with drinks all around.

The Chapter’s Release

The long wait is finally over as Chapter 24 of “The Duke’s Daughter is Going on Strike” gets an official release date. Fans can read it on the official platform.

Leona and Frey on a Quest

In the previous chapter, we saw people enjoying a masked party, and Frey Brixia and Ben headed to the information guild to find a specific person. They were looking for someone from the southern region.

Meeting Leona at the Red Pub

Ben pointed out the ‘Red Pub’ as the information guild. Inside, they met a bartender who inquired about their visit and offered assistance. Frey explained that they were there to collect information and were searching for someone from the southern region.

(Credits: Kakao)

Leona’s Revelation

A woman approached them and introduced herself as Leona. She had organized the information they sought and mentioned the name “Puebla.” Leona revealed that she had searched extensively and organized the information as requested by Frey.

The Mystery Deepens

Frey inquired if Leona had found the requested information, to which Leona responded with two possibilities. Either they had not been successful in finding it, or the person they were looking for had already passed away.

An Interesting Offer

Leona hinted at something interesting she had found and asked if they wanted to hear about it, suggesting they pay extra for this additional information. She lightened the mood with some jokes.

A Grim Situation

Leona explained that even if they assumed the missing individuals were deceased, they should have been able to find their bodies. However, there had been more than 40 kidnappings in the last two years.

A Race Against Time

Frey urged Leona to speed things up, emphasizing the urgency if this was connected to the missing children. Chapter 23 ended with a flashback of Ethan and Frey sharing romantic moments together.

Chapter 24 Spoilers

In the upcoming chapter, we can expect further exploration of Frey and Ethan’s relationship. Ethan will assist Frey in her quest to find the missing person from the southern capital, and we might see a conversation to refresh their memories.

Chapter 24 Release Date

Chapter 24 of “The Duke’s Daughter is Going on Strike” is set to be released on September 30, 2023.

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