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Home » Chapter 24 of “Onna Kishi To Kemomimi No Ko” – The Kids in Trouble

Chapter 24 of “Onna Kishi To Kemomimi No Ko” – The Kids in Trouble

Two Animal Kids on the Run

In this chapter, two animal kids find themselves in trouble. They are running away because someone is trying to catch them.

Noah’s Challenge

Noah, one of the kids, doesn’t know what to do in this difficult situation. He’s facing a knight, which is a big problem. All of this happens when Shota, the other kid, is not with his knight mother, Olivia.

How It All Started

It started when the two kids had to go to the city for personal reasons, like buying groceries. Noah was scared because they live in a world with demons, and most people think demons are bad.

Noah’s Dilemma

Noah is a good demon, but he’s not ready to face the real world yet. Unfortunately, a tragedy occurs when they go to the city.

Recap of Chapter 23

In the previous chapter, Noah was scared of everything around him because it was all new. He had to hide his face to avoid being discovered. If he was found out, bad things would happen to him.

Getting Lost

Noah and Shota get lost during the day, and Noah’s hood comes off. It’s the first time he sees how much people hate demons, but he doesn’t know what to do.

Noah’s Escape

Noah remembers what Olivia told him and turns invisible to run away. But now, the whole city knows there’s a demon, and someone finds Noah.

Credits: Kurage Bunch

Chapter 24 Spoilers

In Chapter 24, Mao, another animal person, will fight the guard who’s after the kids and hide them. Mao is strong, but she won’t win easily because she’s small. They will be put in cages and taken to be sold.

Olivia to the Rescue

Olivia arrives just in time and frees the kids. She defeats the guard who thought she couldn’t win, and he runs away in shame. She thanks Mao for helping earlier and takes both kids to safety.

Release Date for Chapter 24

You can read Chapter 24 of “Onna Kishi To Kemomimi No Ko” on September 23, 2023.

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