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Chapter 194 of Inso’s Law: Ruda and Dani’s Heart-to-Heart

In this chapter, Ruda and Dani have a deep conversation about their feelings. Ruda helps Dani understand her emotions for Yeodan. Meanwhile, readers are eager to know about Chunyoung’s father’s health.

Ruda’s Struggle

Ruda couldn’t forget the moment he saw Yeodan and Dani almost kissing. It bothered him a lot. To clear his mind, he decided to go for a run but spotted Dani sitting outside his door. At first, he thought he was imagining her, but she called his name.

Surprise Meeting

Ruda was shocked to see Dani there and wondered why she was sitting outside. Dani explained she was feeling down and Ruda, being caring, gave her his coat to keep warm. He offered to listen to her troubles, hoping it wasn’t about a fight with Yeodan.

Heartfelt Talk

Ruda told Dani not to look so sad and revealed his feelings for her. He explained that when people like someone, they want to be with them all the time, feel their pain, and always see them smile.

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Support and Gratitude

Dani realized Ruda was a warm-hearted person. After their heartfelt conversation, Ruda noticed his friend watching them and promised to return soon. Dani thanked Ruda for his support and advised her to go inside to avoid getting cold.

Dani’s Mixed Feelings

Dani stayed outside a little longer, reflecting on her conflicting feelings for Yeodan. Later, she visited Yeodan, who was cooking for her. She expressed her desire to cut her hair, avoiding talking about a difficult day in her past.

Unexpected News

Hyehil came over to inform them about Chunyoung’s father’s accident, and he was unconscious in the hospital. Dani and Yeodan were shocked and decided to visit Chunyoung and his father in the hospital.

Chapter 194 Release Date

You can look forward to reading Chapter 194 of Inso’s Law on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST.

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