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Catastrophic Necromancer Chapter 20: The Overpowered Hero Faces a Tough Challenge

In this chapter, the story continues, and the main character (MC) surprises everyone with their incredible power. From day one, the MC has been super strong and isn’t afraid to show it off. But honestly, they don’t have much else to do with all that power, so they can be a bit boring.

Low Fantasy World is Still New

This fantasy world the story is set in is a bit different from the usual fantasy stories. There aren’t many great stories in this genre yet, but one of the popular ones is Solo Leveling, which ended a year ago. It left a big mark on the industry, and not many stories can match its storytelling and character development.

Credits: AC QQ

Similarities with Solo Leveling

Catastrophic Necromancer follows a similar path to Solo Leveling, but it’s only on the surface. There are some similarities, but it’s its own unique story.

Chapter 19 Recap

In Chapter 19, the MC and their party entered a dungeon. The chapter showed just how strong the MC is, and the other team members were there to be amazed by them. There were also quick changes in emotions between the characters, which is common in this type of story.

OP MC Takes the Spotlight

Character development and the world’s lore take a backseat in this story because the MC is so overpowered that they practically become a god.

Credits: AC QQ

Chapter 20 Spoilers

In Chapter 20, the party will face a new and tough monster. This monster will give the MC a hard time because their skeletons can’t fight it directly. But the MC has other tricks up their sleeve because they have access to a lot of tools and resources. Unlike many overpowered heroes, the MC isn’t a hoarder, and they’re willing to use their resources for a fight.

Chapter 20 Release Date

You can read Catastrophic Necromancer Chapter 20 on September 16, 2023.

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