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Can We Become a Family? Chapter 80 Release date

Hey there, romance lovers! We’ve got some great news for you. The next chapter of “Can We Become a Family?” (Chapter 80) is coming out soon, and we know you can’t wait to dive into it.

Recap of Chapter 79

Before we get to the new chapter, let’s take a quick look at what happened in the last one. Agnes asked the Crown Prince to have dinner with her, and he agreed. That’s when the maid decided to bring their breakfast to the Crown Prince’s room the next day.

Agnes noticed that the magic Lark uses is different from what she’s read about in fairytales. She wonders if she’ll ever be able to use magic like him. Even though she has the Black Moon mark, she couldn’t absorb and use Lark’s magic, and she’s puzzled about why her Black Moon doesn’t react to his Mana.

New Chapter Sneak Peek

In Chapter 80, things get interesting. Lark offers to create something other than stairs for Agnes and even adds wings to her back. But when Agnes asks if she can fly with them, Lark explains she’ll need a Levitation Spell to float in the air.

When Lark tries the spell, Agnes is amazed and asks him how he did it. His simple answer? He’s just amazing. Later, at breakfast, Agnes asks Lark how her cheesecake tastes. Lark, not wanting to hurt her feelings, says it’s good, but Agnes knows he’s lying.

Agnes then asks Lark about his preferences, and he reveals he likes everything except tangy flavors. She thinks he’s a bit like a picky child. When she asks about his birthday, he gets annoyed and asks if she’s interrogating him. But when Lark asks about her birthday, Agnes explains she’s uncertain because she grew up in an orphanage and wasn’t treated well by House Agnus.

Credits: Tapas

Chapter 80 Release Date

Now, the big news! Chapter 80 of “Can We Become a Family?” will be available for you to read on September 13, 2023. Mark your calendars, and get ready for more exciting developments in the story!

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