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Can Small Dietary Changes Help Control Your Blood Sugar and Manage Diabetes?

Diabetes is a big problem in India. In fact, there are now more than 101 million people with diabetes in the country. That’s a huge increase from just 70 million in 2019. Additionally, about 136 million people in India are estimated to have something called “prediabetes.”

Why is this happening? Well, a mix of things is causing more people to have diabetes. It has to do with factors like age, money, and what people eat. Many people don’t move around much, which makes diabetes more common. It can also lead to being overweight and other health problems.

Keeping your blood sugar at the right level is super important if you have type 2 diabetes. You need to have a healthy lifestyle to do this. That means eating good food, staying at a healthy weight, and having a routine that helps you manage your blood sugar. But sometimes, you might need to change your eating plan for special situations, like when you go out to eat or when you’re not feeling well. Dr. Irfan Shaikh, who works at Abbott’s Nutrition business, has some ideas to help you make a plan that works for you.

Think Ahead When Planning Your Meals

What you eat is really important when you have diabetes. You should plan your meals carefully. This means thinking about what you eat every day. You should try to eat a mix of different kinds of foods like vegetables, grains, and lean proteins. Some good foods to eat include whole wheat, brown rice, oats, and fruits like apples and oranges. It’s better to eat whole fruits instead of drinking fruit juice. You should also try to eat less red meat and more lean meat like chicken.

If you include these foods in your meals, you can enjoy eating while still keeping your blood sugar under control.

Exercise Is Great for Managing Diabetes

Exercise is just as important as eating right when you have diabetes. When you move your body regularly, it helps you build muscles, improves blood flow, and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. All of this is good for your heart and helps you stay at a healthy weight.

But there are times when you shouldn’t exercise. If you’re sick, your blood sugar might go up as your body fights off the illness. It’s also not a good idea to exercise if your blood sugar is too high, and you don’t have enough insulin. It could make your blood sugar even higher. So, before you start a new exercise routine, talk to your doctor. They can help you come up with a plan that’s right for you and your health.

Use Technology to Help You

Technology can be really useful when it comes to planning your meals and keeping track of what you eat. There are apps that can help you record what you eat each day and give you tips on how to eat better.

There are also websites and blogs where people share recipes that are good for diabetes. They often include information about the nutrients in each recipe. This makes it easier for you to see if a recipe fits into your meal plan.

Choose Healthy Snacks and Stay Active

When you have diabetes, it’s important to pick healthy snacks. Some snacks have lots of calories and sugar, which isn’t good for your blood sugar. Instead, go for snacks like fruits or vegetables. You can also try a special nutritional supplement designed for diabetes, like Ensure Diabetes Care. This can be a good option for a snack or to have with breakfast.

Including this nutritional shake in your daily routine can help you manage your blood sugar better. But don’t forget about exercise! You don’t need to do anything too fancy. Simple things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or going for a short walk during your lunch break can make a big difference.

Get Help from a Dietitian

If you need more help managing your blood sugar, consider talking to a registered dietitian. They can help you figure out the best way to eat for your health. They can also help you make a plan that works for your lifestyle and health needs.

Managing diabetes is all about making small changes that add up to big improvements in your health. So, don’t be afraid to make some changes to your eating and exercise routine. With the right support, you can live a healthier and happier life with diabetes.

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